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Welcome to my kitchen , fabulous treats……

I’m Samyuktha residing in USA from past 4 years. Fabtreats is all about healthy and tasty recipes with short description videos.I started doing free food blog for 2 years but I couldn’t try much with free blog which boosts me to purchase domain name and start the blog in a professional way.Now everyday I am so excited and it’s challenging, creative work to make the blog fabulous. Every step is learning curve to me and I am trying my best to present this blog in easy, healthy and simple way. This blog is dedicated to all the beginners who started cooking like me. But working on food blog is not easy it needs lot of patience, hard work and creativity.I am so happy to start this blog and share healthy recipes to all food lovers.

I was inspired by different blogs to create and publish my own blog. But I am trying my blog to look professional way so I started working on food photography to look photos fabulous.Because of my passion towards cooking I like to spend more time in trying new tasty recipes and share with everyone. My biggest inspiration in cooking is my Mom and my lovely sister. I should thank my husband and friends for their amazing support and they are the best critic for my blog.

I started this blog with out any knowledge on blogging but I am trying my best to try different recipes and add step by step pictures with short discription videos and trying to get new look to this blog. Thanks to one and all who visits my blog and tried my recipes.

If you try any recipe from my blog please feel free to share your feedback or comments to fabtreats45@gmail.com


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