French toast / Classic French Toast Recipe


🍞French toast is the simple and healthy breakfast to start our day. French toast is a dish made of bread soaked in egg mixture and fried on both sides. It will be so soft with amazing cinnamon flavor. Any kind of bread can be used as white bread/brown bread for French toast. My favorite is always brown bread and it tastes perfect.You can serve french toast with some fruits and it is the healthy way to serve for breakfast.

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Veg Noodles Recipe / Restaurant style veg noodles recipe


🍜Veg Noodles is a Indo Chinese recipe in which veggies are stir fried with sauce and tossed with noodles. These veg Noodles are so good than restaurant style noodles. When ever I have veggies at home I will prepare this veg noodles .Any kind of veggies can be added to this recipe. If you add mushroom some water will be separated.

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Garden Omelette recipe / Fresh garden veggie Omelette


🍳Garden Omelette is the recipe which will be similar to IHOP restaurant style.This recipe is more popular in US and best breakfast dish served by IHOP restaurant.I had this omelette in IHOP it was awesome and I loved it😋. So I started trying different recipes to get IHOP style and finally I got it. This recipe is very good with nutrition and good for breakfast🙂. While beating eggs we should had 2 tsp of water so that it will not burn and it will cook equally. But by adding milk you will get red spots on omelette and you will not have evenly cooked.

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Veg cheese paratha / Vegetable cheese paratha (step by step)


Veg cheese paratha is the most delicious and easy dish served for breakfast. Kids will love this paratha and this is the Indian style pizza with good health benefits. Adding different kind of veggies to the paratha gives amazing taste with little touch of spices.Every vegetable gives different flavor so different vegetables in one dish gives unique taste😋. Continue reading →